like a holiday

Over the years, the crew really has grown into a big family. I think everyone involved knows they’re part of something special, and lucky to be so. This is one of those gigs that’s hard work but somehow still feels like a a holiday. Riding trails with your friends and capturing stories on camera, I can’t think of anything better.

Early starts, late finishes

When trying to pull off same-day shoot, edit and delivery for 7 consecutive days, in the middle of the French Provence while changing locations every day, sleep becomes a luxury. Dawn till midnight to find the story, grab it, edit it, and deliver to the internet in time for everyone to see it the next morning. A week of this is about all the body can handle, but it’s oh so awesome at the same time.


Camera & drone – Michiel Rotgans, Irmo Keizer, Lars Veenstra

Production assistant – Pete Scullion

Editor – Lars Veenstra

Photographers – Gary Perkin, Sven Martin, Duncan Philpott, Sam Needham