When only the best is good enough

This was one of those dream projects: a blank slate, a demanding but human-centered company, an amazing crew, a new collaboration with Animation House DPI, and a budget big enough to give even the smallest details the attention they truly deserve. The project consisted of a recruitment film (in Dutch) and a brand film (in English), both focused on very specific target groups: new employees and business prospects. Thanks to great help in production from Masévon’s side, we were able to shoot for both films at the same time, in a total of 12 locations over 7 shooting days.


  • Director / DP – Lars Veenstra
  • Animation producer – Simon van Vegten @ DPI Animation House
  • Film producer – Lars Veenstra
  • On set producer – Anna Veurink
  • 2nd camera – Serge Wennen
  • AC – Marit Daams, Paul Hylkema
  • Editors – Paul Hylkema, Lars Veenstra

Also massive thanks to Bas Roelofs, Elgar van der Bij and Bjorn Wesselink for their dedication and involvement during scripting and production.