Behind the scenes

The weather couldn’t have been on our side more for this shoot. For the cycling itself we wanted to create a moody atmosphere to further emphasize the toughness of the route. We were hoping for dark clouds and mud, but not rain since this would make filming harder and take its toll on our talent who had to ride, wait, and ride again in the cold for hours. And this is exactly what we got…

…then the next day we shot the scene in the cubicles and shower, where we got this amazing morning sun shining through the windows. With the help of a hazer, some cloth and a few lights we managed to make this ‘pop’ even more and create the epic, heroic image we were looking for.


  • Starring Maarten Tjallingi
  • Concept – Menno Kamp, Sebastian Doerk
  • Michiel Rotgans – DOP, colorist, gaffer
  • Lars Veenstra – director, gimbal operator, editor, sound design