more films

To see the full films and not just the supercut above, please click here. These films were shared on the social channels of the featured artists and of Amnesty International Netherlands, plus paid advertising. Pt. 1 was the release of ‘how-videos’ to generate interest in Wereldvrede but not give away Amnesty’s involvement, then pt. 2 was the release of the ‘why-videos’ that showed the artists’ motivations to collaborate on this project with Amnesty.

behind the scenes

Portraits are some of the films I love creating most, because they’re so genuine and real. Every subject is different and requires a different approach, but also inspires me in their own way. To be able to meet with an artist, start a conversation, be allowed to get close and personal, capture their craft and passion and leave with a story gets my heart beating every single time.


  • Starring Thomas ‘Trobbies’ Brouwers, Eva Bartels, Piet Paris and Carlijn Kingma
  • Agency – Matise
  • Producer – Jacko van Dijke
  • Director, camera, editor – Lars Veenstra
  • Assist – Levina de Raat