behind the scenes

Shot over 5 months in 4 countries and 7 locations, this was one of our most ambitious projects to date. Distilling the best bits from five hour-long interviews was a tough task, as was trying to jam the World Cup races into just a few minutes, but in the end it’s become a short doc I’m very proud of.


Besides from Twan and his coach Martijn, we also interviewed multiple Olympic ice speed skating champion Kjeld Nuis, Twan’s previous coach Bas de Bever, and 2018 World Champion Silvain AndrĂ©, to give more depth and insights to the backbone of the story.


  • Director, producer – Lars Veenstra
  • Camera – Lars Veenstra, Michiel Rotgans, Wouter Boes, Paul Hijlkema
  • Red Bull – Jasper Bazuin, Diederik Huisman, Hessel Roos, Jasper Bakker
  • Editor & color grader – Lars Veenstra
  • Assistant editors – Paul Hijlkema, Marit Daams