With the line between brand and consumer blurring and with content creation now at everyone’s fingertips, I believe that people yearn for meaningful stories now more than ever. Shouldn’t our collective and ultimate goal as brands and filmmakers be to be an agent of change for someone’s life? To inspire people to experiment, look around, and open their eyes and hearts?

I see great storytelling as the way to differentiate oneself from what’s out there, and it’s my job as filmmaker and photographer to show inspirational stories that can do just that. As a former action sports athlete I’ve learned the importance of passion, fresh air, collaboration and putting in the work at an early age, and I’ve learned that just grabbing someone’s attention isn’t enough – you want to make an impact.

It’s this belief in meaningfulness that motivates me to continually strive for something exceptional, to focus on the story and to always make decisions with the audience in mind. I love balancing the line between timeless and relevant and am not willing, but begging to go the extra mile to give your story the attention it deserves.

Let’s have coffee – and tell better stories together.